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Scott Baldino Design,LLC is a Charleston, South Carolina based company that specializes in high-quality, affordable web design and development as well as e-commerce solutions and search engine optimization.  We also provide logo design, print layout, corporate imaging, email marketing and motion graphics.

Web Design:
Your most powerful tool for attracting customers is your website; so it must present the right image to the public.  A website we design won’t be just a copied theme or template.  We custom develop every site based on your business strategy and brand image.  Check out our web site portfolio for a presentation of our latest work.  Are you interested in taking your retail business to the next level?  We can also develop an e-commerce website so you can sell your product online.  E-commerce is one of the fastest ways of achieving a global reach and return on investment.

Internet Marketing:
Due to the tremendous growth of the internet in the past several years there are many new marketing opportunities for a business to utilize.  Taking advantage of this powerful tool is vital when it comes to marketing your product.  Scott Baldino Design has experience with an array of tools to use in growing your business online and reaching new customers with marketing strategies through the Internet.  Services we provide include personal consultation, search engine optimization and email marketing.

Creative Services:
Having a strong background in graphic design, we can provide more than just a website for your growing business.  We are skilled at a wide range of collateral ranging from logo design to full corporate imaging.  All of our designs can be used for web, video or print material.  With a wide variety of multimedia experience,  Scott Baldino Design can be your one-stop shop for branding your business. Browse our website for more details on the services we have to offer.

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